Check On Your Friends!! - even those that are always smiling, joking, laughing & strong. “There is no health without mental health; mental health is too important to be left to the professionals alone, and mental health is everyone's business.” Vikram Patel 

Send someone a Care Package today by Divine Greetings. This can make a difference in your friend, child, colleague or family member's world who's dealing with a loss, depression or just needs a pick me up.

It's a token of appreciation for them to know they are not alone and appreciated.

A personalized Care Package from Divine Greeting and Gifts can go a long way. 

We’re also putting our money where our heart is, until December 31, 201810% of all Care Packages sold will be donated to Essence of Mind Outreach Program. @essenceofmindoutreach is a public non-profit organization that provides families and individuals with essential support to getting treatment regarding a mental illness. 

But wait….. There’s more…. For every ten (10)  Care Packages sold Divine Greetings & Gifts  will also donate one small Care Package to Essence of Mind. 

Do you know someone that could use a Care Package? – let Divine Greetings & Gifts personalize one for you today.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness.